Many individuals choose to supplement their state-allocated household plot by leasing land. Foreign citizens and legal individuals can be assigned land rights for as much as 50 years (Lerman and Sedlik 2008; ARD 2003). Dehkan farms can be established upon application by people, families, or collectives.

According to statements made to the press by the CRA’s prime officials, there have been 4,089 spiritual associations registered within the country, seventy two of which had been non-Muslim spiritual associations, and considered one of which was a non-Muslim non secular group. The CRA did not report whether the number of registered associations included any newly accredited during the 12 months, nor did the CRA provide any information on whether there had been any functions for registration in the course of the 12 months.

These plots are the shares of the workers, who apply to the district Land Committee to withdraw their share. Workers can get a plot of land from the state or collective farm on which they labored, or they can acquire a separate plot of land based on the worth of their share. Tajikistan is a mountainous nation with a primarily rural population depending on livestock and small-scale agriculture. The snow and glaciers of the high mountains feed the country’s many rivers and streams and allow intensive, irrigated cultivation of farms established in the valleys.

Maternal Mortality In Tajikistan: Successes And Challenges

Weak Legislation Enforcement Response

One civil society consultant reported he was advised to cut his beard in order to obtain a driver’s license, however said he ultimately was allowed to take his driver’s license image click this site without chopping his beard. In April authorities of Kulob City informed the media the native authorities had given seven buildings, which had been illegally used as mosques, to homeless households.

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A household dehkan consists of two or extra associated families who produce and market collectively. A collective dehkan consists of two or more unrelated families, producing and marketing collectively. Land allotted by Presidential Decree is distributed according to household dimension and dimension of current plots, with precedence given to families with less land per capita. Individuals maintain non-transferable use-rights to Presidential Decree family plots for a perpetual term. Land is distributed via the Special Land Fund, which is made up of unused, devalued, or expropriated agricultural land, reserved land, deforested land appropriate for agriculture, and different former state and collective farm land that has not been utilized in agricultural manufacturing. Dehkan farmers, half-time farmers, people utilizing the land for household backyard plots, and folks with agricultural knowledge and skills obtain precedence in distribution. Land from the redistribution of state and collective farms is split into plots based on the quantity of land and variety of farm workers with rights to the land.

Embassy officers also met with representatives from the Baptist Church, ROC, the Ismaili group, the Catholic Church, and the Jewish neighborhood to discuss issues faced by these religious groups. Leaders of some minority spiritual groups stated their communities had constructive relationships with the bulk Hanafi Sunni population who didn’t hinder their worship providers or cause concern for their parishioners. Other minority spiritual group leaders, particularly from proselytizing spiritual groups, stated their members experienced social disapproval from friends and neighbors and have been considered by others as not “authentically Tajik” as a result of they had ceased being Muslims. None of the leaders, nevertheless, reported instances of bodily abuse or harassment.

Both are shared with neighboring countries and end in the Aral Sea basin in Uzbekistan. The rivers additionally present important hydropower for the operation of Tajikistan‘s aluminum trade. High-altitude plateaus present seasonal grazing for herds of enormous and small animals. In addition, embassy officers met regularly with representatives of the Jehovah’s Witnesses to debate their continuing makes an attempt to reregister their organization.

The authorities additionally said they’d decided 54 mosques in Kulob were working illegally as a result of an absence of appropriate documentation. City authorities said a few of the mosques had already been became recreation amenities.


He provided no particulars as to exactly when the 649 had first gone abroad or how lengthy the 630 had stayed overseas earlier than returning house. At a July 20 press conference, the appearing chief of the Sughd Regional Department of Religious Affairs, Suhrob Rustamzoda, introduced the federal government closure of five madrassahs which had been in suspended status since June 2013. He mentioned the madrassahs had not met requirements for offering spiritual training. In response to 117 requests from spiritual teams, Ghiyosov mentioned, the CRA had analyzed 399 items of literature, 36 notebooks, one spiritual calendar for 2015, and 1049 leaflets of non secular content material. He mentioned the CRA had approved 312 of the gadgets of literature, seven of the notebooks and 783 of the leaflets, whereas determining the rest of the items contained unlawful content. The Ulema Council continued to interpret sharia as limiting beard lengths for men to the scale of a fist and requiring women’s clothes to cowl the whole physique except for hands, face, and ft. Although a media report released in January said the government had forcibly shaved the beards of an estimated 15,000 men in 2015, observers stated there have been only some reviews of forced shavings in the course of the year.

On January 11, Minister of Education and Science Nuriddin Said introduced the ministry had introduced a new course entitled the “historical past of religion” for ninth grade students. The textbook for this course had already been printed in Tajik and the ministry intended to publish it in Russian and Uzbek. Isoev said the federal government thought of introduction of the course into college curriculum necessary so young individuals would turn out to be conversant in world religions. A Sughd Region official stated 649 Sughd residents had studied at non secular institutions in Islamic international locations abroad. He mentioned 630 of them had returned to the country while 19 college students had not done so and continued to check at international non secular institutions. According to Rustamzoda, 39 of those who had returned had then gone back abroad to continue their studies.